To best take advantage of Google Places AND your business website, you MUST implement GeoTagging! 

If you are not familiar with Geotagging, here is the quick Wikipedia definition:

“Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as a photographs, videos, or websites. These data usually consist of latitude and longitude coordinates… “


Geotagging helps users find a wide variety of location-specific information. An example is finding images taken near a specific location.  Geotagging-enabled information services can be used to potentially find location-based websites, news, or other resources. In Layman’s Terms: Geotagging quite simply lets Google know where your website is located in the world.  Since Google  wants a positive “user experience” in the search results, they certainly don’t want to get a  Blockbuster Video in Brownstown, Michigan mixed up with one in Brownstown, Indiana.

Here is what you need to solve that problem.

A Geo Sitemap is usually created manually and not very easy to implement.  You will also need to have a locations.kml file.  Have you even heard of this?  Probably not.  Then you also need an accurately coded hCard address which needs to be visible on your website in the proper Google micro-format.

Still don’t have a clue?  Next, you have to let Google know you have made these essential changes to your website. Sounds real easy doesn’t it? I’m sure you’re still scratching your head!  The end result means Geotagging will maximize your Google Places listing right to the top of the search results!  And that’s what you want, right?

>> We have a push button solution for GeoTagging <<

Our Geotagging service now comes included with all of our Painted Canvas™ website packages.  You won’t have to worry about implementing this complicated process yourself.  We have a fast and easy solution for your website!

Our Geotagging solution can also be purchased separately, but it requires your website to be using the  WordPress platform in order for it to work seamlessly.

If you have a Google Places business page, this is a MUST HAVE to keep up with the latest and greatest technology tricks!