Every Business Needs to Socialize to Reap New Business

Benefits of social Media

  • You can’t go anywhere these days without having a person or organization ask you to “friend” them on Facebook or without hearing about the latest “tweet” from a celebrity.  Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become a huge phenomenon, and their function isn’t limited to social purposes alone.
  • Social networking sites are becoming increasingly applicable to businesses, particularly entrepreneurs and small business owners trying to reach new and exciting customers.  Social media has a role in the business marketplace as well.  In a business that emphasizes the importance of developing client relationships, cultivating the potential of social media can play a big role in your online presence and client attraction.
  • Establishing a presence on these sites can demonstrate your relevancy to clients and help you stay in touch with their lives.  When used appropriately, social media outlet can be a way to identify potential opportunities for new business from existing clients and build referral business.
  • As us how you should become interactive on the internet and use social media to your advantage. We will explain the potential that exists for your business and how you are leaving money on the table by ignoring an easy networking solution.

Social media continues to grow rapidly, providing new ways for people and businesses to connect, share, shop, and network. 

New Users – In 2011, approximately two-thirds (65%) of adult internet users said that they use a social networking site, more than double the percentage that reported social network usage in 2008 (29%) (Pew Research Center).

Time Online – According to a 2011 Pew Internet Research survey of internet users, only email and search engine use make up a greater portion of “time online” than social networking sites.

Mobile Use – Increase in mobile phone usage has propelled social media, with nearly 40% of social media users accessing social media content directly from their mobile phones (Nielsen, 2011).

Global Users – “Across a snapshot of 10 major global markets, social networks and blogs reach over three-quarters of active internet users” (Nielsen, 2011).


Business Adoption of Social Media:

Direct Connections – Social media allows businesses to connect directly with customers, a potentially valuable tool that is contributing to the increase in social media advertising (Social Media Examiner, 2011).

Global Businesses – Approximately 84% of Fortune 100 companies utilize branded social media channels, while nearly 81% of the top Asian companies have expanded into branded social media channels (Burson-Marsteller, 2011).

Small Business Benefits – Social media use by small businesses in the U.S. has grown to include nearly one out of every three businesses, demonstrating rapid growth with room for further expansion (Network Solutions, 2011).

Watch how social media marketing is the most powerful platform there is:

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(Article updated December 7, 2018)