Mobile websites are another moral imperative.  Can your customers find you on their smartphone?

Mobile-friendly sites need to be designed for the thumb, not the mouse.  If a mobile user can’t navigate through your site on their phone, they’ll leave you in a hurry and probably won’t be back.

Every business that wants to survive and THRIVE online must implement LOSOMO.

Sounds Spanish, doesn’t it?

It stands for Local>>Social>>Mobile.

You must use these methods to win the virtual rat race.  It all boils down to expanding your traffic sources and converting that traffic into buyers!

Let’s face it.  It’s no longer a question of IF, but WHEN our phones will become our only computer, so you better be mobile-friendly and start using mobile marketing or you will be trumped by your competition.

We’ll optimize your website for mobile phones. Most websites today were designed for a screen 10 to 15 inches wide. With over 99 million Americans browsing the mobile web, do you need to go mobile?  YES!!

Google Knows All…

Google now reports that 95% of all searches on a phone are for local business.  With mobile users in mind, Google has now raised the bar with the results that show on Google for mobile searchers.

Google has introduced the “Googlebot-Mobile”.  This little robot is really going to change the game for local businesses everywhere.

(read the article Google’s webmaster blog )

This means that the bot is going to begin indexing the mobile version of websites (if there is one).  It will start displaying the mobile website of a search as the primary result.  For websites that don’t have a mobile compatible version, are going to be pushed way down the totem pole because they are not considered “user friendly” to the mobile searcher.  This means your site will be buried deep in the results page abyss, probably never to be found on a mobile device.

This is a major change to mobile marketing for businesses in 2012.  Are you ready for this change?

If you do not yet have a mobile-friendly website, you MUST contact us now or missed opportunity for your business is inevitable.