Mobile marketing isn’t the future, its NOW.  Here are some stupid  crazy stats on Mobile Marketing:

  • 4 Billion+ cellphones in the world
  • 1.08 Billion are Smartphones with internet
  • 3.05 Billion have SMS text messaging
  • By 2014 there should be more Smartphones than Desktop computers
  • Over HALF of ALL local searches are made from Smartphones!
  • 91% of Smartphone users use phones to get on social sites
  • 50% use Smartphones as primary source to search online
  • SMS lists are super powerful because unlike emails…
  • 99% of SMS messages get through to the receiver.
  • 95% + messages are read within 10 minutes of being sent
  • 91% of people who download an app will actually use it
  • Over $2.4 Billion dollars in Starbucks mobile purchases alone in 2011
  • You don’t need to be a fancy copywriter to make SMS campaigns work!

We can help you create a successful mobile marketing campaign to attract new customers and retain loyal repeat customers by using our various mobile services.  We can get your business in hands of thousands of smartphone users who need and want your services.

Get your business into the hands of your customers now. 

The question is no longer if, but WHEN our phones will become our only computer!