SEO Ranking Needs A Schema Specialist


“Schema Data” is a specialized data tool which Google uses to completely understand what your website is about and uses that data to help rank your website properly for search results.

Google says schema is important and you should make sure you’re using it properly.

Increase your traffic from Google, grow your customer base and your profits by having us implement Schema on your website.



When implemented properly, Schema Data markup helps search engines to understand the meanings behind the subject matter on your site, and provides a better user experience for visitors searching for your website.

Using schema markup will help your website rank better in search results

Google says 40% of all searches especially local searches include schema data, however, more than 95% of local businesses do not have schema on their site or it is incorrect missing data.

This new form of SEO Ranking optimization is one of the most powerful, BUT least-utilized forms of SEO available today.

Your competition is catching on to this important change and you won’t want to be left behind!

Schema markup has 3 main parts to it:

  1. <itemscope> :: parameter given to the html element that encloses the information pertaining to the <itemtype> that is also defined.
  2. <itemtype> :: syntax <itemscope itemtype = “”> where the link is to the page on that defines that type; in this case “Service”. Note that the link is case sensitive and a change in case can reference a different page.
  3. <itemprop> :: defines an expected property of the defined <itemtype> and will have expected values associated with it.

Learn what Schema is and why it’s important at

Test your website now to see if you have any schema data implemented:

Google structured data schema test

Google Structured Data Testing Tool is where to go to run a test and check your schema results. The tool will outline the different structures and syntaxes for schema markup. Here you can test your schema, either by uploading your code snippets or by fetching a url. The result will show you specific errors and warnings. The warnings are often expected values that Google suggests you should have included with your markup. So if Google would like to see them, I recommend you put them in.

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